Lya makes cloth diapers for babies that will grow with them. They are created and conceived in our workshop in Saint-Eustache, Quebec. Each diaper is made with care and love!


Specs sheet of the diaper:

- The outside layer is made of 2 layers of Pul fabric, a waterproof yet breathable fabric.
- The inside layer is made of athletic wicking jersey which will keep your baby's bottom dry. This fabric will let the liquid go through it while pushing the humidity in the core of the diaper.
- The closing system is made of snaps that will adjust the waist size as well as the thigh size
- The back pocket opening is very large to facilitate the placement of the insert.


We offer our diapers in two different sizes: The one size and the newborn

- The one size fits all will fit most babies from 7 to 35+ pounds.
- Our newborn size will fit most babies from 5-15 pounds. A snap is added at the middle of the front of the diaper to make it fold downward and protect the umbilical cord until it falls.
*Please note that the weights are given as indication as every kids have their own morphology.



You have the choice to buy the diaper with or without inserts. The insert, if chosen, is a trifold of organic cotton and bamboo. We offer two choices: the day insert and the night insert. For the one size, the day insert absorbs 12 ounces of liquid The night insert absorb 24 ounces of liquid. You can add a booster if you wish to add more absorption to your diaper. The booster absorbs 6 ounces of liquid. 


For the newborn size, the day insert absorbs 8 ounces of liquid, the night insert absorbs 12 ounces of liquid and the booster absorbs 4 ounces of liquid.



Care and use

For the average cloth diaper user, 20-24 diapers are necessary for a full time use. In fact, a newborn will use 10-12 diapers a day. We need to add to that the time it takes to wash. Thinking of all that, with around 20 diapers, you shoud manage to wash every other day.

For the caring process, many things are to take into consideration.

1- Your washing machine. For a frontal load washing machine, liquid soap is better. For a top load washing machine, both liquid or powder soaps are recommended.

2- Your water type. This is the most important of all! You need to know your water hardness. To get this information, you can either ask your municipality or do a water test (a pool test is enough).

Hard or soft water:
- First, get rid of all the solid residues in the diapers (if baby is only nursing, you can skip this step. In fact, with nursing babies, everything that comes out is totally dissolvable into water so you can put the diaper with everything in it directly in the washing machine). To facilitate this step, we highly recommend the usage of liners! Disposable liners will collect the solid residues and can, for the most, be flushed in the toilet. Washable liners must be rince before being put in the washing machine.
- Then, you need to rince the diapers in the washing machine (start you machine to a cold rince cycle). Then, you need to check that all the inserts are out of the pockets of your diapers (some users will rather take the inserts out before the first rince, so at the beginning. It is really up to you to choose whichever method you prefer).
- Then start the hot water washing cycle with detergent. You need to put as much detergent as a really dirty load would take, referring to your detergent instruction.
- For hard water, next is the drying process
- For soft water, you need to make a last cold rince cycle.
- Finally, drying the diapers. You can hang them or machine dry them. For machine dry, you can use air fluff up to high temperatures dry. If you do use high temperatures dry, make sure your diapers are room temperature before handling them after the cycle is over.

3- Choosing the right soap
A regular soap should be your go to soap for cloth diapers. Avoid at all cost perfumy or soft baby soap. Also avoid fabric softener. Soft baby soap aren't tough enough to clean babies diapers.
Soft water: a liquid soap is better
Hard water: a powder soap is better. If you have a frontal load machine, you can use liquid soap but need to add percarbonate for a better result.

You will fall in love with your diapers! The theory seems a lot at first but the day to day is very simple. After the first wash, you won't need the instruction guide anymore!

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